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An analysis of the changing competitive landscape in the hotel. Including strategic maps, swots and financial comparisons between. Competition strategies of selected international hotels groups on. Competitive analysis of the hotel industry in konya by using porters five forces model article pdf available december 2015 with 3,443 reads how we measure reads. This capstone thesis project is an analysis of the competitive environment between the hotel industry and airbnb, an online vacation. The industry of hospitality is considered to be one of the largest industries. A competitive success model in the hotel industry university of. Cornell university school of hotel administration the. Competition competitive set intel how to obtain information about your competition s. When it started trading as an independent hospitality company in 1992, marriott international owned hotels, residential units, and timeshare. Hotel competitor analysis involves identifying ones competitors, analyzing their business activities, policies and profitability and thereby tracing their strengths and weaknesses so as to exploit them to derive ones own competitive advantage. Cheng, faculty business upper iowa university hong kong campus abstract this article is going to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel industry on a global basis.

Article pdf available december 2015 with 3,544 reads. Pdf competitive analysis of the hotel industry in konya. We describe the steps necessary to conduct a competitive analysis here, although the spreadsheet is designed to be selfexplanatory and easy to use. These are the things that you, as the owner or manager of a business venture, should be familiar with because these can help you know the exact aspects where your business can bloom and where it faces the danger of failing. The objectives of competitor analysis the ultimate objective of competitor analysis is to know enough about a competitor to be able to think like that competitor so the firms competitive strategy can be formulated to take into account the competitors likely actions and responses. Analyze the hotel industry in porter five competitive forces dr.

The hotel competitor analysis tool hcat is an excel spreadsheet designed to help managers make strategic comparisons between. Hotel companies, one of the pillars in the tourist industry, recently. Business strategy can be defined as an integrated set of acts aimed at securing a sustainable competitive advantage over competitors. Accurately identifying a competitive set is important for a hotel market study because the data provide both a more accurate perspective on a hotels historical operating performance and a. From a practical viewpoint, a strategist needs to be able to. Pdf comparative analysis of hotel classification and. Pdf competitor set identification in the hotel industry. Analysis of hotel industry in porters five competitive forces. In the field of strategic management, competitive intelligence ci practices. Pdf competitive analysis of the hotel industry in konya by using. Competitive intelligence and sustainable competitive advantage in. Comparative analysis of hotel classification and quality mark in hospitality article pdf available in tourism and hospitality management volume 2, no 11 january 2014 with 4,756 reads. Analysis of hotel industry in porters five competitive forces submitted by krati chouhan section a 1061 bba llbhons. Hotel competitive set analysis linkedin slideshare.

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