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I am writing this preface almost nine years after audrey kathleen hepburnruston left us. Audrey hepburn, an elegant spirit by sean hepburn ferrer. What is the best biography book about audrey hepburn. She is feted for the natural poise and beauty her mother possessed and is already a hit in front of the. After appearing in countless silver screen hits, she took a step back from acting and dedicated her time to family life when her son sean was born in 1960. Hepburn stands as one of few entertainers who have won academy, emmy, grammy, and tony awards. Posthumously, hepburn also received a number of awards and honors, including a primetime emmy award for her television series gardens of the world with audrey hepburn, while her contributions to a spokenword recording titled audrey hepburns enchanted tales earned her a grammy award. Audrey at home makes a lovely companion book to dutch girl, the hepburn biography which i read last month.

The majority of these photos are in the streets, audrey hepburns. Audrey hepburn was a very different kind of film star from those of her era, and since, and the kind of special person she was, apart from her film roles, makes any book about her one of compelling interest. Now in paperback, an intimate look at the woman the world adored, by the son who adored her with unique photos. My friend gave me this book for christmas probably 12 years ago, and i finally read it and loved it. Written by hepburn s younger son luca dotti, audrey at home is an interesting scrapbooklike amalgamation of personal reminiscences biographical sketches, family photos and recipes. Letters written by audrey to her father also tell us that a line of communication had been opened up between the pair. Hepburns son with actor mel ferrer shows his mother as a compassionate.

According to vanity fair, she wrote a letter to a close friend shortly after seans. Allinall, if you are an audrey hepburn fan, this book should be in your library. Audrey hepburn is known to most as the iconic actress who played holly golightly in breakfast at tiffanys and eliza doolittle in my fair lady. Bought this for my motherinlaw, who is a fan, and she loves this book, its so personal and intimate having been written by hepburns son. It is written by her son and explains what she really was feeling behind the movie screen. The book has personal details and memories but also serves as a biography. Written and assembled by her son, luca, this kitchen table biography, as it is aptly called, is filled with personal reflections, family photographs, and recipes from different eras of hepburn s life. Rare photos of audrey hepburn with her children womans world. It tells us how she felt about the world and who was most important to her. Sean hepburn went on to have three children namely santiago, gregorio and emma ferrer. When done, it really evokes a feeling of how the author loved her and what a. Audrey hepburn, an elegant spirit ebook, sean hepburn.

I would recommend to any audrey hepburn fans its written by her son sean, who has such lovely memories of his mother. Popular audrey hepburn books meet your next favorite book. Enter audrey hepburn s private world in this unique new york times bestselling biography compiled by her son that combines recollections, anecdotes, excerpts from her personal correspondence, drawings, and recipes for her favorite dishes written in her own hand, and more than 250 previously unpublished personal family photographs. This is the french version of audrey hepburns biography audrey hepburn, an elegant spirit written by her own son sean hepburn ferrer. In them, audrey spoke of her films, her children and her. Please dont tell any of my guy friends that i read a book in audrey hepburn. As luca states, audrey a roma was born as an exhibit that opened in 2011 in rome to benefit unicef. But elegant spirit which so aptly describes her which is written by her son makes this very special. The givenchy muse remains one of hollywoods biggest icons. Audrey hepburn, an elegant spirit by sean hepburn ferrer, enchantment. List of awards and honours received by audrey hepburn. She would say to you and im going to say it for her she was lucky, says sean hepburn ferrer, audrey hepburns eldest son from her first. They are regular, warm and open and start with the greeting dearest daddy and fidelma. See through the eyes of her son with personal memories and stories about audrey.

Audrey hepburn, an elegant spirit, by sean hepburn ferrer i knew her first as my mother and then as my best friend. I need to warn you however, its more of a photography book and i per. The central idea of this book is about audrey hepburn s life. I imagine all audrey hepburn fans will find it delightful. Hepburn s son with actor mel ferrer shows his mother as a compassionate, emotional woman who searched for and offered love above all. The nook book ebook of the audrey hepburn, an elegant spirit. Her first husband was actor and director mel ferrer 90, whom she married in 1954 audrey had just found fame, having starred in roman holiday and won an oscar for her very first role. Only after that did i understand that she was an actress and, with time, that she was truly an exceptional actress. The book, which is introduced by her son, luca dotti, is both an occasion to reflect on her style and an album of snapshots taken during the three decades she spent in rome. The eldest of the three is model and art student emma. I read this one recently, audrey hepburn, an elegant spirit, it was written by her son and i thought it was as good as the one by daniel spoto. I would recommend to any audrey hepburn fans its written by her son sean. I am writing this preface almost nine years after audrey kathleen hepburn ruston left us.

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